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    Bolton Care Record

    What is the Bolton Care Record?

    Things are changing in Bolton.  As part of planned improvements, local health and social care organisations will be working more closely together to make patient care even better.

    To do this, we need to make some changes so that everyone directly involved in your care can see your medical records.  This means that your GP, a specialist at the hospital, a district nurse or your social care professional, will have access to the information they need.

    The Bolton Care Record is a new confidential computer record that will provide health and social care professionals, directly involved in your care, access to the most up-to-date information about you.  It does this by securely sharing appropriate information from your medical and care records between health and social care services in Bolton.

    What kind of information will be shared?

    The Bolton Care Record will hold certain information about each patient, which will ensure that when you are being treated or cared for, by the NHS or Social Care services, the professionals looking after you will have the most up-to-date information:

    • Address and telephone number – so we have one set of contact details.
    • Diagnosis list – to make sure your health or social care professional has an accurate and complete record of your care.
    • Medications – so everyone treating you can see what medicines you’ve currently been prescribed.
    • Allergies – to make sure you aren’t prescribed or given any medicines you could have an adverse reaction to.
    • Test Results – to speed up your treatment and care.
    • Referrals, clinic letters and discharge information – to make sure the people caring for you have all the information they need about other treatment you’re having elsewhere.

    The benefits for you……

    • Joined up care is safer care.
    • More time spent on you and your care, instead of going over the same information.
    • Less paperwork.
    • Fewer unnecessary clinical tests.
    • Better self management for patients.
    • More accurate prescriptions.

    For further information go to:-
    https://www.boltoncarerecord.org to get involved with the conversation and have your opinion heard.

    If you have any queries, please telephone: 0800 588 4400 (Freephone) or e-mail: [email protected]