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    Patient Participation Group Minutes


    DATE AND TIME:  07/09/2022

    LOCATION: Beehive Surgery, waiting room


    ATTENDEES: Dr Vibha Gupta  PATIENTS: Kantaben Kanji, Kunvarji Kanji, Nanji Vekaria, Mehnaz khan

    The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record
                                                  PPG and Dr Gupta has reflected on the previous meeting
    COVID Covid is still prevalent Vaccinations are still ongoing at centre advised. Surgery now seeing patients F2F after triage. Telephone consultations will continue, Dr Gupta explained the reality of this as Surgery has a responsibility towards her patients and staff .Beehive Surgery is a small building which would be impossible to maintain social distancing. Beehive is fully opened and entrance for patients is camera electronic bell entry which is functional both in front and Rear entrances. Notices/ posters around building to inform patients of this.
    Appointments Face to face appointments available for all clinicians if clinically indicated .All routine child immunisation still being seen face to face.6/8 Post-natal checks  still being seen face to face are experiencing significant and growing strain with rising demand. Face to face appointments available with all clinicians.
    Building and  Waiting room CCTV cameras functional in the building as there was increase in staff abuse.
    Building improvements taken place at Beehive Surgery and are ongoing. Prices of material have increased and material shortage is causing delay in completing works. The Rear garden has been improved for a more pleasant sight for patients.
    On-going discussions with NHS England
    On line services The practice will continue to improve the uptake and the new services.   Online services still increasing.
    Screening  Leaflets for cervical screening, bowel and breast.Uptake in these areas is poor, in spite of text messaging to the patient through. To look at supplying leaflets in different languages PPG members encouraged to spread word within the community/ Friends. Which will help uptake on the screenings. Cervical screening has improved over the last two years
    Introduction Abeer is the PCN Pharmacist, Brendan is MHP and Joseph is the MSK practitioner. On going
    Appointments Discussion: Surgery is fully open.

    Mandatory to wear mask and to maintain social distancing. Face to face appointments available for all clinicians if clinically indicated .All routine child immunisation still being seen face to face.6/8 Post-natal checks  still being seen face to face. GP’s are experiencing significant and growing strain with rising demand. Dr Gupta/ Dr Kalhan.
    Patients advised to go to Travel clinic if travelling out of country for immunisations and travel advice.
    Secondary care appointments long waiting times due to COVID. GP’s to only expedite urgent referrals if clinically required. All routine appointments to be seen in priority of referral. Patients should be informed of longer waiting times and should not avenge frustration on surgery staff.


    To be discussed further in the practice meeting with other staff members – to look at providing a more efficient appointment system

    Waiting time now less and try to reduce / improve more on waiting times further.
    DNADid not attend Discussion:DNA’s discussed – there are still DNA’s in surgery inspite of IPLATO reminders being sent to patients. Staff are contacting patients also by telephone to remind them of their appointments

    Children who miss Immunisations or appointment will be reminded by reception staff and IPLATO reminder

    E-Referral / Choose and book appointments have to be collected on time.
    There are still patient not attending secondary care appointments. This has an impact on the patient who are waiting longer to be seen in secondary care

    PPG members to be discuss and pass it to friends and relatives to keep appointments both at Surgery and Hospital. May consider giving some education to patients around this topic.
    Children who miss immunisation appointment 3 times are discussed with Health visitor.
    2WW rule appointment is given on the same day before patient leaves the surgery.

    Building Discussion:PPG were informed about premises discussion were in progress, talks were in progress with NHS. CCTV camera and entrance system in place. Patient very pleased with the new system.

    Action: On-going with NHS England

    Telephone System Discussion: PPG informed that new telephone system in Place.
    Action:Telephone system in place, More lines available for patients to get through to reception staff at busier times new telephone system more advanced and this should be a quicker and smoother process for patients. 
    Staff Discussion:Joseph joined as MSK, Brendan as MHP and Abeer as pharmacist.
    Action:Roles explained 
    On line services Discussion:The practice will continue to improve the uptake. Patients can book appointments and order prescription online
    Action: PPG to promote to relatives and friends.
    Online services increased to 16.74% and still On-going
    Data Protection Discussion:GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) discussed in details with PPG members, which supersedes the Data protection Act, coming in to force from 25th May 2018. More strict that the Data protection act and higher penalties if practice is in breach. Backs up statement from Dr Gupta last meeting about have consent
    Action: Written consent required for patient who had authorised relatives to discuss their medical issues.

    Encouraged to give consent Bolton shared care record when it comes in action later in the year.

    Privacy notice and leaflet to be updated and displayed in waiting area.

    Screening Corner Discussion:Breast screening, Cervical screening, and Bowel screening promoted in the PPG, advised importance of all screening and this should be promoted to friends and Relatives.
    Action:Screening slightly improved but required more promotion. Patient receiving BCS kits if unsure to bring in to surgery so that this can be explained how its used.

    Display on the Notice board.

    Practice to follow up non responders for breast/bowel and cervical screening by letter or telephone.

    Screening  Corner in Waiting room on-going
    MDT, SPLW Discussion: MDT role discussed that take place once a month through the PCN. patients  to be discussed with social issues financial issues etc
    Social Prescribers role explained.
    Action: to promote/ refer patients that need to be discussed.
    Flu Discussion:Dr Gupta explained to patients the importance of flu for the community especially the high risk patients including children and over 65 patients. 

    Explained cough and cold is NOT the flu.

    To improve uptake availability of non-pork vaccine for children if requested. 

    Nasal Flu uptake improved last year after counselling, we hope this year will be the same with increased uptake.

    IPLATO platform used for inviting patients for flu, rest of the patient invite either on telephone or by letter

    Patients expressed that they understood and will pass the message so that more patient book in for the flu clinic. 

    Suggestions Discussion: Will inform for the next PPG meeting
    DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  Times and dates Will be informed.